About Us


Inspiration Behind Med Scholarly

Med Scholarly was inspired by the challenges faced by many in comprehending scholarly medical writing. While these writings are comprehensive and detailed, they often contain acronyms and complex methodologies that can be difficult to understand. Recognizing this need in the medical community, Med Scholarly was established to address these challenges.

Our Mission

Founded in 2023, Med Scholarly aims to bridge the gap between intricate medical literature and its readers. Our primary mission is to review medical scholarly articles and present them in an easily understandable format. Whether you’re a medical professional, a researcher, or someone keen on staying updated with the latest medical studies, Med Scholarly is here to help.

Why Choose Med Scholarly?

  • Clarity: We break down complex medical jargon into digestible information, ensuring that you grasp the core message of every article.
  • For Everyone: Whether you’re a seasoned doctor, a medical student, or just someone curious about the latest medical breakthroughs, our reviews cater to all.

Join Us on Our Journey

Med Scholarly believes in the transformative power of knowledge. We invite you to explore our platform, benefit from our reviews, and help us make medical literature more accessible to all. If you have any questions or want to know more about our initiatives, please contact us. We’re eager to connect with our community.

Med Scholarly Team

Daniel Chase

Daniel Chase

With a robust foundation in web marketing since 2007 and a scholarly background as a 2006 graduate of Washington State University, Daniel Chase stands at the forefront of medical editorial excellence. As the editor-in-chief and founder of Med Scholarly, Daniel has been instrumental in underwriting and refining scholarly articles within the medical domain since 2015, ensuring practitioners and researchers have access to authoritative and cutting-edge insights.

At the heart of Daniel’s expertise is his tenure at LightScalpel, an FDA-regulated company, where he has been pivotal in shaping the digital landscape as its Online Editor and Marketing Specialist since October 2015. His work ensures that LightScalpel’s digital interfaces are not only intuitive but also rank prominently in an ever-competitive online ecosystem, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and regulatory compliance.

Parallel to his role at LightScalpel, Daniel has been a driving force at the American Laser Study Club since its inception in July 2017, where his editorial acumen has been key to the success of the Journal of the American Laser Study Club. As an Online Editor, he has overseen the publication process of high-caliber, peer-reviewed articles, working closely with thought leaders to deliver content that bridges academic rigor with clinical application. His marketing prowess has significantly enhanced the club’s continuing education events, fostering a vibrant community of professionals through strategic promotions and social media engagement.

Daniel’s multifaceted skill set extends to event management, where he has orchestrated continuing education events, and to IT, where he has provided seamless support for internal systems. His graphic design talents have brought visual impact to marketing materials, and his leadership in hosting educational webinars has positioned the American Laser Study Club as a beacon of knowledge in laser medicine and surgery.

Residing in Lynnwood, Washington, with his wife and two children, Daniel is a testament to the synergy between technological savvy and scholarly endeavor, embodying trustworthiness, accountability, and an unwavering commitment to advancing medical knowledge.